SPIREOPS EDV™ - Our unique value proposition that helps significantly improves data quality and governance standards in your enterprise resulting in superior business performance through real-time world-class supply chains. (Now available and listed on SAP Store)

SPIREOPS EDV™ is our flagship product which has a process and technology framework empowering business users, data management and IT teams establish data quality and governance standards along with a platform of dashboards for data visualization. It also helps in institutionalizing standardized, repeatable and simple workflow-based-processes to evaluate and monitor health and compliance of data and business processes across the supply chain network.

SPIREOPS is an SAP Application Development Partner. With this partnership, we have joined hands with SAP to deliver a comprehensive offering to our SAP customer through integration with SAP Lumira and SAP HANA Cloud Platform. For additional details, please review our listing on the SAP Store. 




  • Extensive number of key data fields driving system behavior to be managed at each node and stage across entire supply chain network
  • Large number of human touch points in any typical organization for data management at customer, warehouse, distribution center, plant, vendor, subcontractor locations
  • Continuous system evolution including implementations, deployments, enhancements, upgrades, mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, solution footprint expansion, process and continuous improvement initiatives
  • Incorrectly set or missing master data impacting planning results and supply chain performance and system integrity
  • Lack of visibility into problems with master data deep within the supply chain network
  • Data exchange between diverse systems have synchronization issues leading to poor data quality, inaccuracies and severe impacts to the supply chain from a planning, coordination and execution perspective
  • Use of tools and technology outside the system is a classic phenomenon seen in all enterprises where users resort to such tactics when there is poor reliability of the systems, lack of confidence, unavailability of data or job failures/errors
  • Periodic automated analytics is necessary on the master data to expose issues and deviations from design. This is infeasible with manpower constraints, inadequate tools and resources needed to perform such extensive analytics


  • A process and technology framework to allow data extraction from any source system, analyze the data based on established criteria, highlight errors and institute data quality and compliance
  • Dynamically compute compliance metrics against criteria allowing for grouping at aggregate functional levels to align with process and functional area owners
  • Visualizes the data into easy to use dashboards and provide a cockpit view of the enterprise data quality
  • Highly leverage able to monitor data compliance in any functional process
  • Empowers business users, data management teams, IT staff and functional process owners with visibility into data issues
  • Sets foundation for repeatable, standardized and ease of use workflow-based-processes to evaluate data compliance and pin-point errors
  • Ease of use and simulation functionality to perform data evaluation and what if analysis


  • Integrates with any existing legacy, ERP, APS and optimization system through the installation of queries/extracts using pre-delivered templates
  • Identifies data sources for critical process centric information and common failure points/errors
  • Leverages pre-configured templates and dashboards for business discovery and data visualization
  • Provides easy to use output reports to share with data management teams for updates and correction
  • An extremely useful tool for deployment teams to manage future ERP/APS rollouts
  • Provides a management reporting cockpit to highlight overall data quality across various functional areas/systems and processes


  • Initiate with a Value Discovery project to scope out applicable process/functional areas and define and quantify sources of value
  • Setup extractors, SPIREOPS EDV™ and Dashboards to produce initial results within 1-2 weeks
  • SAP ECC and APO customers can leverage the pre-configured extractors and templates provided for master, transactional data and Core Interface Function(CIF) error analysis
  • SmartOps MIPO customers can leverage pre-configured extractors and templates provided for Inventory Optimization relevant master data analysis
  • Customers stand to leverage from the strong industry leading expertise at SPIREOPS in Enterprise Data Management, Inventory Optimization, Supply Chain Planning/Execution and ERP/APS implementations
  • Contact SPIREOPS at (610) 616-2949 or sales@spireops.com to discuss a Value Discovery project for your company